High School Can

Local high school students are encouraged to participate in both the Full Can and the Half Can. They are eligible to win individual awards and prizes such as:

  • New race record
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall places available for both males and females

In recent years, we have been looking for ways to encourage the younger members of our community to participate in the event, to encourage fitness and community involvement.

We recognize that local High School students may be lacking the confidence to compete against more experienced runners, so this year we have decided to introduce a High School Can over the full 11.3km course. This Run will encourage a healthy rivalry between the high schools in the area by offering $500 prize money to the team with the shortest aggregated times of the first 4 runners, and a $200 prize for second place.

To encourage participation, we are also offering $500 prize money to the school team with the largest number of entrants.

If the students wish to participate in the event but are intimidated by the full 11.3km Run, they are welcome to enter in the Half Can Run. Although this will not qualify them for the High School Can, they may still run/walk alongside their friends and enjoy the day whilst supporting a great cause.