Get Race Ready! Checklist for Nail Can

As we approach the final days before the NCHR there are several key last minute things you can do to improve your performance – that have nothing to do with running! Here’s a checklist, no matter what distance, category or time you’re tackling.

  1. Hydrate. 
    Pay attention to drinking enough water every day in the days leading up to the race. Don’t go thirsty and don’t leave it til the last minute to drink up.
  2. Pre-race meal. 
    For dinner the night before your race and breakfast prior DO NOT eat anything you are unaccustomed to! For dinner, have a decent (but not too decent) sized meal with adequate carbohydrate to prevent any rough patches on your journey the next day. Breakfast should be two hours prior to your race and should be a meal you have eaten before a run many times during your training. Favorites are often porridge with fruit and yoghurt, however some people find it hard to run after eating dairy. If this is the case for you, try two pieces of toast with banana and honey. Start trying these meals two hours before your run now!
  3. Sleep. 
    Avoid late nights and aim for seven or more hours sleep per night  (everyone is different, so just aim for enough to make you feel rested).  If you are in a good sleep routine leading up to the race, it won’t matter if you have a poor sleep due to race anticipation on the night before.
  4. Taper. 
    This final week should taper so that you are doing easier runs and your final workout should be at least three days prior to your race to avoid soreness during the Nail Can run.
  5. Check your race map and plan ahead. 
    It is worthwhile checking out the Nail Can Hill Run website ( and checking out a map of the course and taking note of the drink stations, hills, toilets, start line, parking, public transport etc.  This will eliminate any last minute panic, and allow you to have a race strategy. If it’s your first attempt at this distance don’t worry about a race strategy, just find a steady pace and enjoy the experience!
  6. Relax. 
    Trust the process of your training.  Try to avoid getting worked up and nervous.  You have prepared and you will do well. With a little preparation you can settle the nerves and enjoy your race even more!